How to enable XML-RPC on your wordpress blog

刚刚从movable type转移到wordpress 2.7的平台,仍习惯用windows live writer来更新post,但设置的时候居然提示我“xml-rpc services are disabled on this blog”,原来在新的wordpress平台上出于安全的考虑默认xml-rpc services是关闭的,但现在要使用live writer就得手动开启这个服务了,刚开始还一直在options-writing.php 里找该修改哪段代码,google了一下,原来直接进后台设置就OK了。

How to enable XML-RPC on your wordpress blog?
Login as Admin to your wordpress blog.
Click on Settings.
Click on Writing under Settings Menu.
Click on the check box named XML-RPC [Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols.]
Save the settings.

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